Sunday, May 25, 2014

Yellow paint on Sleepwalker's dog, yellow warblers, and me

Commiserating with the Sleepwalker's dog.
I added my voice to that of the yellow warbler during my Sunday morning stroll at Lake Waban, hoping that the pack of birdwatchers would appreciate my musicality.

Not sure whether they had a checkbox for a Walker hound on their list, but I bayed, just in case. A fine group, they took the time to point out the winged warbler to Mom and even shared a bird book so she could identify the magnolia warbler next time we're out.

I haven't been by the Sleepwalker statue to view its damage, but I inspected its companion seeing-eye dog's state of disarray. Both Tony Matelli sculptures on the Wellesley College campus, I am sure you have heard, were vandalized with yellow paint last week. While I am certain Sleepwalker and pal could have used coats during this spell of rainy, cool weather, I am more certain said coats should not have been applied by any other than his sculptor.

And as there is nothing more unpleasant than a bath, I am also sure that Sleepwalker's dog would much rather have been left au naturel.