Saturday, May 10, 2014

Dog walker arrested after literal turf battle

What to do when you're bored and need a walk?

We all know that people are passionate about their dogs. Some of them even walk them for hours each day (thanks, Dad and Mom) no matter what the weather. Others, who don't have quite as much leisure time but love their dogs just as much, hire dog walkers.

When I was a pup and prone to destruction if untended for even a moment, I employed a walker, Kelly, who doted on me and wrote informative notes more detailed than most preschool children's daycare reports.

True. Mom's coworkers were quite envious.

So I was shocked to learn that a dog walker had actually been attacked, not by a pack of coyotes, a pack of dogs, or a swarm of black flies, but, police say, perhaps by a rival walker, in lovely Wayland. The walker who was injured had formerly been employed by my dog walking company, Wags 4 Walks; the accused, a current walker for that outfit.  Read the MetroWest Daily News story to learn the gruesome details.

And the next time you come upon someone in the woods with lots of leashes around their neck and dogs running loose, mum's the word. Having gone unscathed for at least a few months now, I wouldn't recommend starting anything.

A little rearranging's always good; plus, Mom can practice her squats.