Sunday, June 29, 2014

Gorgeous blonde at the beach

Isn't she swell? That's my girl, all right.
That's my main squeeze (one of them) Kiki, in Boca Raton for the summer. Wellesley's emptied out, with people and their dogs at their summer places.

Me? I'm here, lying in the sun, entertaining everyone with my musical notes, keeping watch on Mom at the pond and making sure Dad doesn't work too hard. It is summer, right? Enjoy.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

World's biggest swan spotted at Morses Pond

Seen in the vicinity of Pickerel Road. Exact species unknown.
I've witnessed swan v swan wars, swan v goose wars, and, only too personally, swan v dog wars, but this is one guy with whom I definitely would not tussle.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The grills of summertime: burger night

Could have used another quarter-pound of beef, at least.
Mom's signed up for a Perfect Burgers cooking class at Helen's Kitchen cooking school in Natick,  just in time for the start of summer. Last time she took a pasta class and spent weeks afterward making ravioli, which, I can report first-hand, turned out pretty well. The pesto pizza she made a couple of nights ago was lip-smacking good, too, so I'm hopeful...

Meanwhile, Dad, who makes pretty perfect burgers himself, grilled up this little baby, made to order just for me (although I wouldn't have minded a big Mac with Cheese, hold the onions). Superb.

I would have preferred gulping it in one bite, but Dad insists, still, on cutting up my food, so this photo was taken for effect only.  You can tell that my training classes at Petco Unleashed have been curbing my enthusiastic beastly tendencies, because otherwise there 1) would have been only a photo of an empty dish and 2) no burger to cut.

More on those escapades, the so-called training ones, not the food-related ones,
later. I'm too hungry to write any more.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

A hound walks into a tea party...

This amazing color-changing peony is from Winston's..
..not Mom's garden: different party, same idea.
And comes up with a chive-and-cream-cheese tea sandwich. Delicious.

Among the spring parties I've been hosting, this one had a large percentage of women, which I tried to lessen by making my presence known. In a subtle way, of course.

Let me set the scene: antique porcelain cups, each of a different pattern; damask tablecloth; several three-tiered china servers, each tier nestling an assortment of dainty triangular sandwiches, sans crusts, containing smoked salmon, egg salad, the aforementioned delectable chive-and-cheese; blackberry scones with jam; many miniature fruit-filled tarts; five china teapots freshly filled with hot tea. Mom's strawberry-vanilla scented peonies on the table.

And me.

Fortunately, I am deft and therefore broke nothing as I silently released a pair of tea sandwiches from their cozy confines. As it was a beautiful afternoon, I did the only appropriate thing: slept off the party in the sunshine.
The after-party.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Party animal!

The party wasn't over, but I was done.
Well, this snapshot was taken when the party was over...but pre-party, as a host should, I sampled the goods to make sure all was well. Mom consulted the Martha Stewart kitchen god and came up with an array of appetizers to tempt our guests. And me.

My favorite? The beet-and-goat-cheese tart. Mom was doubtful, but I thought it turned out great. My hunch was confirmed by two foodies who, like me, tasted everything and proclaimed it the best comestible on the table.

The occasion? To celebrate the publication of Dad's newest book, which I had a hand in creating. Our many, many walks helped Dad cogitate on his material.

But enough about him. We had a houseful, so after I carefully slipped a few more hors d'oeuvres from the dining room, I settled into the quieter living room, the furniture of which, thanks to the guests, was made more comfortable by having its cushions in their proper positions. My auntie caught me taking full advantage, in my proper position. Dad's not the only one who needs a little cogitation time.