Sunday, May 18, 2014

Crafty tip: what to do with an unused dog crate

Hare-brained idea? Absolutely.
My $100 avoidance chamber having little use besides a providing a winter bunny home in the basement and a stolen kitten hideout, Dad decided to dream up a new use for it.

Dad, not being the crafty type, is not given to thinking up new ideas beyond ones of interest to those in academia. In short, he's more the theoretical, Mom the practical.

So when he had the idea to renovate my brother bunny Licorice's triplex into more of a ranch, Mom actually listened. This, too, is rare.

Here was the problem: Licorice, perhaps being a bit slow of foot these days, kept getting one of said feet stuck as he traveled from the second story to the first. Mom posited that this problem was less due to a lack of agility and more to one of rotundity. The descent involves a rather sharp turn around the ramp into a cramped space.

Once the academic semester is over, Mom insists that Dad spend a day or two (if she's lucky) on some home repair related project. Last week it was the so-called lawn, so-called because it's more of my romping and digging up ground, but they made a valiant effort anyway.  I say "they," because it started out as a two-person project and ended up, not surprisingly, as a one-person project. It becomes Dad's lawn only when things start to grow.

In any case, the rabbit hutch retrofit was project #2. It now needs a roof and a mesh bottom so Licorice's feet, big as they are, do not poke through, but good weather being predicted for a few days now, Mr. and Mrs. Project should have no trouble.