Sunday, May 4, 2014

Intrepid dog attempts to save stranded goldfish

Although I adore salmon, I haven't yet acquired a taste for goldfish.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've seen the great story about the couple who lost their dog during Hurricane Sandy and found it, a year and a half later, at their local animal shelter. (Happens to be the one that serves my family's Garden State hometown.) It truly is heartwarming and I couldn't be more happy for Reckless (that's the pup's name).

But let's talk about me. I'm always finding rare items on roadsides, some choice (muskrat skull, rabbit head, frozen bagel, chicken wings), some not (hmmm...can't think of any). Having braved rare sunshine and headed out on the more suburban of my two usual routes, I came upon a creature in need, belly up on the sidewalk.

I'm quite familiar with fish, as I have about three dozen near-relatives crowding our backyard pond. This one was different. This one was large. This one was stuffed. This one was too far gone to save.  I gave it one last nudge, and moved on.