Friday, February 21, 2014

Dogs on beaches/dogs in snow

Junebug in her classy, custom camel coat.
Dogs, dogs, dogs. Two dogs in a double-decker stroller, baby-style. A mini version of me (but not nearly as handsome) romping on the beach. A golden retriever. A white shepherd (shudder) leaning out of a convertible. A boy on a scooter holding a dachshund. Many undefinable small yippy dogs. A dog wearing a t-shirt against the sun.

That's all Mom could talk about: all the dogs she saw on the Florida coast, where at least one beach—Canova Beach Park in Brevard County—is designated for dogs.

Meanwhile, did she even notice that I am Co-Dog of the Week at Wellesley Books? Check out this week's newsletter to admire my new friend, Junebug, who was grateful to receive a hand-sewn coat this week. Wrapped in her toasty coat, custom made by her mom, Wellesley Books assistant manager Kym Havens, Junebug looks particularly fetching. And warm. Maybe as warm as Mom while she abandoned me, and dad, in favor of sun—and the company of other dogs.