Saturday, June 22, 2013

Can there really be a world's ugliest dog? That depends.

Face it, some pups are better looking than others. But to whom? It's an age-old question which I like to answer by turning to that old—very old—Latin saying: De gustibus non est disputandum.
In other languages, namely, English, that means, you can't argue about taste. Grandma detests cilantro, Mom loves it. I detest (insert name of large, shaggy dog breed here); their owners love them. I guess.

I bring this up only because the World's Ugliest Dog contest results are in, and the winner (he takes home some significant cash, plus is destined for many media appearances) is a  part-basset, part-beagle, part-boxer dude named Walle. You'll be seeing him on the Today show and everywhere else soon. I happen to think he's kind of cute.

You know, once we get into the world's best, world's most kind of category, you've lost me. So not only should we not dispute about taste, let's get real about the world category. How big a world are we talking about?

Welcome to my world. In mine, anyway, I understand that each day brings its ups and downs. To demonstrate, I present two images for your gustatory consideration. You decide.
Here I am looking horror-movie scary.

Here I am looking movie-star handsome.