Friday, June 21, 2013

Lucky guy: I don't have to work

Not only do I not have to work, I had absolutely nowhere to go on Take Your Dog to Work Day. Some might think me lucky. And they would be right. Dad doesn't really have to be anywhere this time of year, and if it weren't for all of those snowdays, neither would Mom.

So while I missed out on the social aspects of the day, I took advantage of my good fortune in a myriad of ways:

1. During a walk on the Wellesley College campus, I spied something edible and consumed it. Never having tried this comestible before, I was a bit befuddled. Mom, alerted by my sharp, crackling crunching, assumed the worst: a bone. But no. When she looked closely at the patch of grass that served as my dinner plate, she found only a long, slim piece of paper. On it was written some wise words:
I am nice, and important, too!

2. The longest day of the year = numerous baseball games. Baseball=hotdogs. I found a good long one at the field. Mom didn't dare try to stop me: I inhaled while she contemplated how to give a Heimlich maneuver to a dog. It went down easy, leading to the third lucky thing:

3. A cool drink of water. Just down the path from the field, someone had left a dog bowl, filled with water. Considering I drink from puddles, ponds and birdbaths, it seemed pretty clean to me. And so thoughtful!

A lucky guy indeed. My lucky numbers, in case you want to try them: 12, 20, 25, 27, 48 and 17.