Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The grills of summertime: burger night

Could have used another quarter-pound of beef, at least.
Mom's signed up for a Perfect Burgers cooking class at Helen's Kitchen cooking school in Natick,  just in time for the start of summer. Last time she took a pasta class and spent weeks afterward making ravioli, which, I can report first-hand, turned out pretty well. The pesto pizza she made a couple of nights ago was lip-smacking good, too, so I'm hopeful...

Meanwhile, Dad, who makes pretty perfect burgers himself, grilled up this little baby, made to order just for me (although I wouldn't have minded a big Mac with Cheese, hold the onions). Superb.

I would have preferred gulping it in one bite, but Dad insists, still, on cutting up my food, so this photo was taken for effect only.  You can tell that my training classes at Petco Unleashed have been curbing my enthusiastic beastly tendencies, because otherwise there 1) would have been only a photo of an empty dish and 2) no burger to cut.

More on those escapades, the so-called training ones, not the food-related ones,
later. I'm too hungry to write any more.