Saturday, June 14, 2014

A hound walks into a tea party...

This amazing color-changing peony is from Winston's..
..not Mom's garden: different party, same idea.
And comes up with a chive-and-cream-cheese tea sandwich. Delicious.

Among the spring parties I've been hosting, this one had a large percentage of women, which I tried to lessen by making my presence known. In a subtle way, of course.

Let me set the scene: antique porcelain cups, each of a different pattern; damask tablecloth; several three-tiered china servers, each tier nestling an assortment of dainty triangular sandwiches, sans crusts, containing smoked salmon, egg salad, the aforementioned delectable chive-and-cheese; blackberry scones with jam; many miniature fruit-filled tarts; five china teapots freshly filled with hot tea. Mom's strawberry-vanilla scented peonies on the table.

And me.

Fortunately, I am deft and therefore broke nothing as I silently released a pair of tea sandwiches from their cozy confines. As it was a beautiful afternoon, I did the only appropriate thing: slept off the party in the sunshine.
The after-party.