Monday, June 2, 2014

Party animal!

The party wasn't over, but I was done.
Well, this snapshot was taken when the party was over...but pre-party, as a host should, I sampled the goods to make sure all was well. Mom consulted the Martha Stewart kitchen god and came up with an array of appetizers to tempt our guests. And me.

My favorite? The beet-and-goat-cheese tart. Mom was doubtful, but I thought it turned out great. My hunch was confirmed by two foodies who, like me, tasted everything and proclaimed it the best comestible on the table.

The occasion? To celebrate the publication of Dad's newest book, which I had a hand in creating. Our many, many walks helped Dad cogitate on his material.

But enough about him. We had a houseful, so after I carefully slipped a few more hors d'oeuvres from the dining room, I settled into the quieter living room, the furniture of which, thanks to the guests, was made more comfortable by having its cushions in their proper positions. My auntie caught me taking full advantage, in my proper position. Dad's not the only one who needs a little cogitation time.