Saturday, January 18, 2014

My own personal police detail: in other words, DOG is GO

My equestrian sister always calls her zoomy steeds
"go-ey." That's me: DOG is GO.
Just received my new license in the mail. I was hoping for a heart, or even a circle, to replace this very pointy dog head-shaped license I currently have. I mean, I appreciate the homage, but honestly, a curved tag is much more comfortable. Town officials, please note.

In any case, I was a bit disappointed when I saw my new tag is just as pointy as the old, but then I got the idea: it's an officer's shield! I like the idea of being a canine part of the force. So let me relate how I buddied up this year to not only Wellesley firefighters, but Wellesley police, too.

First off, Mom has both Wellesley and Natick animal control on speed dial, because not only is she completely terrified that she might be knocked over or I might yet again be chewed to bits by some off-leash creature, she always has an eye out for animals in need. Of course, I am often one of them.

Go-ey though I am, I tend to be rather law-abiding. I'm a big crosswalk user. I mean, it's the law, right, to stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk? One would think, but outside of Wellesley Square, it rarely happens. You're lucky if drivers stop for a stop sign, or a red light.

Anyway,  a few months ago, I'm waiting in a  Washington Street crosswalk. And waiting. For once, I'm not in a hurry. Black SUV after black SUV goes by. One, however, stops in the crosswalk on the opposite side of the street. It happens to be coming out of the police station driveway.

I keep waiting and so does the other car. More black SUVs go by with many people in them drinking coffee while on the phone. Finally, the other car has had enough and BOOM! switches on its blue lights and siren.

An unmarked car! Now everyone stops. For me! Mom waves to the officer and we parade across in my own personal Make Way for Ducklings moment.

In the police lot, another officer is coming in for a shift. I go over to thank him and his colleagues for their protection. He sees I'm thirsty and gives me my very own, ice-cold Poland Spring water. It's the kind with the squirt top, so I guzzle down the whole thing.

They're there when you need them: thank you, Wellesley Police! Go, dog, go!