Friday, November 2, 2012

Post-Halloween tricks (and lots of treats)

With my new fox from Petco,
the spoils from a previous
I didn't go out trick-or-treating, preferring to curl up inside and come roaring down the stairs to check out the costumes. So yesterday I cruised around Wellesley Square looking to play some tricks. Hoping for treats in return, I was primed.

First I headed to Wellesley Books, where I announced my arrival with a loud bay. My minions came running. With such advance notice, Barry scooted around the front desk to proffer a treat, thus preventing my usual attack on the box o' Milk Bones that resides there. Rebecca gave me due admiration. Having wreaked a modicum of post-Halloween havoc, I was off.

My next stop: Pinnacle Real Estate, which trustingly leaves out a bowlful of unattended treats (much like some folks do at Halloween) as well as some refreshing water. And much like some of those trick-or-treaters when faced with said unattended bowl, I went for it. The whole thing. Quickly. So when Mom tried to pull my face out of the bowl, I knocked over everything--so much easier to grab treats off the ground!

Today, I, red-faced, returned to Pinnacle to resupply the bowl—after I trotted over to Petco Unleashed to pick up two bags o'treats for myself.