Saturday, November 3, 2012

Exclusive photos of my man cave!

Man-cave, pre-"improvement." I saw nothing
wrong with it at all.
I like it when my life nicely dovetails with trends of the day, so the newsworthy addition of the term "man cave" to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary prompts me to reveal my favorite retreat.

However, my man-cave is under threat of that most frightening of phrases: "home improvement." Alas, the cushy carpet is giving way to a wood floor. A hard wood floor. Its installation promises lots of noise, strangers  in and out, associated mess, complete loss of privacy. The aftermath: discomfort.

The whole business is enough to make me seek the shelter of my cave. But I can't get there—off limits until the home improvement is complete.

Initially, I headed to the depths of my sister's closet whenever thunder threatened, but it's become so comfy that I sleep there pretty regularly—say, every night.

It's nicely fitted up with a sleeping bag, a dog bed (size XL), an extra sleeping bag that makes a perfect pillow. Or it was fitted up. With three of my favorite sleeping options off-limits (my room's being redone, too). I've moved into my parents' closet for now. Hope they don't get any more improving ideas.