Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wellesley's Wonderful Foxhound—I mean Weekend

Of course there's a dog contest this weekend, because Swellesley's just so swonderful! I plan to check it out, from 10-10:30 Saturday at the Warren Center. You should, too, but I'm pretty sure I've got first prize in the bag.

That's just one of the super events planned.  Count me in on Saturday's pancake breakfast, and definitely save a spot on the town forest walk: cake and refreshments will be served. Perhaps I'll follow that hectic morning with a free massage, or maybe just a nap. I'm a little worried, however, that the hourly cannon firing might disrupt my sleep schedule. XXL canine earplugs, anyone?

If anyone is wondering if it will rain—again—for the fireworks on Sunday, just check with me. If I'm shivering, that means a thunderstorm is coming. Of course, if the fireworks go off, I'll be shivering anyway. Either way, I'm bound to jiggle off quite a few calories.

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