Saturday, May 21, 2011

Senior Pet Day, hawk cam and horsing around

Mom is starry-eyed with the hawk cam outside the NYU president's office, exclaiming every time she catches a glimpse of the baby, which viewers have named Pip. He is kind of cute, but although I like the Dickens reference, for me it's only a virtual attraction: I prefer chasing the real goslings, eight of them, that have arrived at the pond.

I got close to another fowl last week: a rooster, brought to Senior Pet Day at Wellesley High School. Not senior-aged pets, but pets of senior-level teens. While not exactly the star of the show (that designation of course goes to moi) it was a rather unusual choice. Less unusual, perhaps, than the photo of the pet rock that was circulated as ambulatory pets and seniors paraded.

Just to make my presence known, I let out a spectacular bay at the sight of one of my neighbors, a scruffy black thing. Small, but vicious. Unfortunately, I have firsthand knowledge of its tiny sharp teeth. Fortunately, my height came in handy when it attempted to go for the jugular.

Speaking of tall, was that a horse at WHS last week, just outside the library doors? Despising being upstaged, I'm glad I wasn't present.