Monday, May 16, 2011

A foxhound speaks to birds

Being a bit behind of sorts, I dug around in my notebooks and found this nugget. 

Things are rather chirpy all of a sudden, and it was warm enough, once, for me to lay out in the sun and listen. Thus being in a position to ponder the wonders of avians, I dashed off a few verses.

A Foxhound Speaks to Birds

You are you
And I am I
And that is why
I cannot fly.

by Tucker

Actually, I can fly, and I would, except that some human always seems to be holding on to me. It's really very sad. So on to another bird poem:

Red Tail

Red tails' delight:
Rodent tails at night.
Red tails' warning:
Bright sails of morning.

by Tucker

And one more:

Words of Birds

The words of birds
Waver, dip, soar.
A flash of wing
As they sing, sing, sing.
by Tucker

All poems composed by Tucker in honor of National Canine Poetry Fortnight, which has segued nicely into National Poetry Month.