Sunday, January 31, 2010

Taste test at Tails

Was tooling around Wellesley Square yesterday after a dump run when I picked up the scent: Tails!
So I hightailed it into the store, where I did a little taste test with Cameron.   
Pizza-flavored treats? Nope.
Peanut butter?
Bayed a bunch of times in thanks. Leroy ran for his crate.

Have you been in Tails lately? It's been redecorated, and it's fab. Still has all the great taste treats and fun duds, plus some new things. Mom liked the necklaces; I liked the jar of tracheas, conveniently located near the cash register. But no dice, as I'm still on the aforementioned diet, yet I have gained (so they say) another 1.2 lbs. Winter weight!

I'm svelte compared to that scary, shaggy German Shepherd at the vet who tried to have me for a mid-a.m. snack. Needless to say, I'm much better behaved. And much, much, much more handsome.

Speaking of handsome, posed for my Dog of the Week photo during a visit last week to Wellesley Booksmith. Be on the lookout for the store's e-newsletter featuring moi. Watch out, Scott Brown—Cosmo's calling next!