Saturday, October 3, 2009

E-mail, not p-mail

Just one of the many recent email fan letters I have received:

Dear Cousin Tucker:

I heard about you from my parents and I just had to read your blog!  I must
say you are very handsome and I like your sad eyes and big nose (just like mine).
You seem to be quite an adventurer too!
I am very jealous about your meatball extravaganza—I only smell my mom’s meatballs and I gain weight!  You know how it is at my age (10 years old already, can you believe it?)
I hope to meet you sometime soon, but for now I’ll send this photo.
Cousin Pazzo

Thanks, Pazzo! I know your name means crazy in Italian. Good to know I'm not the only goofy one in the family. Ciao, bella!