Friday, August 23, 2019

Ah-wooooooo! I've inspired a book!! Coming spring 2020 to bookstores everywhere!

Really, are you surprised?

'Tis true. Apparently Mom isn't always mad at my stubborness. Turns out, she has to admit that I'm more than just a pile of poundage pasted to the pavement, refusing to move. She actually thinks that I'm funny!

Here's the proof:
Pro tip: click on the picture to see it larger.

So my book is called HOUND WON'T GO, and the deal is, even though Mom's name has to be on the cover because I'm not a human, I'm going to get all the attention.

As is proper, like usual.

You all know that I love being recognized everywhere I go. Last week I trotted into Paper Source in Wellesley Square. It was only my second time in, but apparently I'm memorable. The first time, I pushed my weighty self behind the counter to demand a treat, then turned up my nose in my "just kidding" maneuver. But this manager apparently has my number. Before I could even get to the checkout area, she calls out "You're not fooling me!"

I liked that. And I did my routine anyway. It's all material for writing--maybe a sequel!

We're a writing family. I write, Dad writes, my sister writes, and even my brother Sparky kept diary entries. Lately, though, Mom's been hogging the computer. I can't wait until she goes back to school so Dad and I can soak up some good writing time. Time to get working on a sequel to my forthcoming picture book. My agent's expecting it.