Monday, October 29, 2018


Mom decided to have fun at my expense with the Halloweensie contest--in its 8th year!--sponsored by children's author Susanna Leonard Hill. 

Susanna's the author of the delightful books WHEN YOUR MONKEYS WON'T GO TO BED, WHEN YOUR LLAMA NEEDS A HAIRCUT, and more.

This year's contest rules: a story or poem under 100 words using the words cauldron, howl, and shiver.

Here's my 94-word entry.

by Lisa Rogers

Something flitted past the cauldron
Something made me quiver
Something set my teeth on edge
Something made me shiver.

Something moved through swaying trees
Something crouched between
Something flickered in the gloom
Something howled on Halloween.


Something made my blood run cold
Something made me prickle
Something sniffed my outstretched hand 
Something made me tickle!

Something brushed against my skin
Something moved real slow
Something's breath came far too close
Something licked my toe!

Something raced beneath the moon
Something whirled around
Something set my heart aglow—
My ghostly, ghastly, goofy hound!

Here I am looking appropriately miserable
in my prisoner costume.