Thursday, December 26, 2013

Inside scoop on rescued Wellesley dog!

Crosby's safe, thanks to
Wellesley firefighters and police.
While I was woofing it up at Southboro Kennels in a new bromance with two border collie mixes, my good friend Paul Delaney was fighting through deep, icy water to help rescue a five-year-old Wellesley golden retriever.

Paul (that's Wellesley Fire Lieutenant Delaney to you) is one of my biggest fans, and he was extraordinarily fond of my predecessor, Sparky. That was only right, because as a stunning Dalmatian, Sparky was a splendid representative of the firefighters' mascot.

Even though I'm spooked by water coming out of hoses, Paul and I get along grandly. So I'm not at all surprised that when duty called, he had no problem jumping in after a canine. (Not to take credit away from firefighter Dave Papazian, who hacked away at the ice to reach the dog first, secured her and turned her toward shore. It's just that I haven't had the opportunity to meet him.)

Dad, though in no way professionally qualified to do so, years ago saved Sparky after an unfortunate tumble into a muddy marsh area of Morses Pond. The temperature was five degrees, my family was skating, and although most times Sparky was kept strictly on leash, he loved to race on the frozen pond. Except when he got to the part that never freezes.

Dad threw himself on the ice and inched toward Sparky, then managed to haul him up and over. The pup was shivering, dark brown from the mud and both of them were scared, but soon recovered.

But I digress, as usual.

Back to the valor exhibited by firefighters Papazian and Delaney. After viewing the video available on the Wellesley Police Department website, I called Lt. Delaney for some firsthand scoop, hoping there was some left that he hadn't already given out to the world's media. The New York Daily News, The Huffington Post, the UK's Daily Mail...all the TV news outlets, every dog blog in the world, it seems, carried the news. Except for mine.

But who could get the up close, personal story? You know, with the meaty info?

That would be me. Dad placed a call on my behalf to Lt. Delaney and asked the pertinent questions.

Here are the answers: First, the local deli to which Crosby's owner, Amy Kapinos, provided gift cards was one of my very favorites: The Linden Store. (I prefer the Isabella, but the Kaitlynn is amazing, too.)
Second, the Christmas cookies she delivered to the station: sugar, in the shape of dog bones. Yum.

Now to the kudos. Many have commented on the bravery shown by our Wellesley first responders. Here's one example:

Walt from Miami commented on the Daily Mail's site:
"Thank You as well, Dave Papazian and Paul Delaney for saving this animal. You both deserve the highest respect and recognition society can bestow for risking your lives and bringing Crosby home for Christmas."