Wednesday, August 14, 2013

President Obama shook the hand that shook my paw

My pal Serena meets President Obama at Nancy's on Martha's Vineyard.
One degree separating him and me, two between me and Bo.
My sister's best friend rang up yesterday, thrilled that she had just shaken hands with President Obama at Nancy's Restaurant in Oak Bluffs.

By chance, Serena was on the Vineyard during the President's vacation, having lunch with her mother.

"I saw three Secret Service, and a dog," she recounted. "Bo?" exclaimed Mom, all aflutter. "Bo Obama?"

No, a service dog, said my pal, a cat lover who tolerates me. But then the president appeared, shook hands with the crowd who had hoped for a sunny day on Nancy's deck, picked up his take-out bag, and left.

You can experience the moment and see and hear the excited crowd on this Cape Cod Times video, which features Serena's mom. I'm sure that given the opportunity, she would have extended my regards to Bo. But for now I'm content with shaking the hand of those who shook the president's hand, who shook Bo's paw.
Took this photo exactly a year ago. Not sure how Dad's head got cropped
out, but you can see who's important in our family.