Sunday, May 26, 2013

And the winner is...

Most recalcitrant? Most annoying? Loudest? Believe me, I could have
topped many categories, but the good people of Wellesley are too tactful.
I showed up at Wellesley's Wonderful Weekend Dog Contest just in time for the parade of contestants and awards, and unfortunately too late for showing off my fabulous tricks. Given my attention span, that was a good thing. I made my considerable presence felt, and the good people of the Wellesley Board of Health and Wellesley Animal Control, who sponsored the event, indulged me.

I met Dina, who knew me from my blog, and she recognized some of my antics. Her dog, Rennie, was awfully cute, but entirely too well-behaved, so I demonstrated a modified Plop O'Doom for him. Dina, for one, appreciated it, and in truth, I was a bit tired, having wreaked my usual havoc trotting around Lake Waban.

Dogs were everywhere and I wanted to play with all of them. One dachshund, hiding under a chair, did not appreciate my nosing around and told me so.  I had better luck with Liberty, an English pointer, who placed in the large dog category, and Cosette, a beauty with who won the diva award.

Toby, a furry little thing who sashayed up a storm, won the Dancing with the Stars award and also snagged a second place in the small dog category. Here he is waiting rather patiently for one of the treats that came in his goody bag.
Toby's so talented and truly worthy of his award.
Having bayed continuously since my arrival, my winning of the Ain't Nothing but a Hound Dog category was a slam dunk. No matter that I was the only entrant in said category; first place is first place.

I very much appreciated my goody bag from Petco Unleashed, which contained  super goodies: a frisbee, a bouncy ball, tons of my favorite treats, and a clip-on flashlight for my evening walks. All this for just showing up and strutting my stuff.

Afterwards, I had a good nap. Is there any other kind?
Resting on my laurels, literally.