Thursday, March 21, 2013

Abolishing the Tuck rule: don't even think about it

Tucking myself into one of the living room chairs.
Look, in our house, the Tuck rule is sacrosanct. It first was introduced sometime in March, 2008, when I joined the household. It's really a simple rule: when the dog formally known as Tucker decides to do something, he gets to do it.

Here's an example.  For several weeks now, I have slowly but surely been insinuating myself into the ivory damask sofas in the living room. Mom puts the cushions up; I put the cushions down. Mom hides the cushions; I drag them out. After all, someone has to live in there. Why not me?

Dad, finally tiring of Mom's constant vacuuming, came up with a wise move. He covered one of the chairs with a cotton sheet, saving Mom the trouble of cleaning and making the chair even more comfy.

There you have it: the Tuck rule. I rule. Always.