Saturday, April 7, 2012

Running: to stretch or not to stretch?

Mom should be so flexible.
Personally, I always stretch first thing in the morning. Having curled up all night in the wing chair, I carefully unroll myself, front legs on the floor, back legs on the chair seat. It's good for the glutes. Then, I immediately get into dynamic stretching, springing down the stairs, pouncing on my parents and bouncing outside for a warm-up run.

Mom's running the marathon this year, so she learned about pre-run stretching the shin-splint way. So while I'm all warmed up and ready to roll, Tigger-style, she's limping along behind me. At least she's stretching out the arm that holds the leash.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Treasures? Get thee to Ken's Steak House for Buddy Dog's fundraiser

Dig out your valuables—but be sure to keep those dog bones—and hie yourself over for a bit of steak and appraisal today to benefit my former home, Buddy Dog Humane Society.
Looks like my could-be twin Moose has been adopted (hey, let's do a playdate!) but there are plenty of other pups and cats who could use homes.
Find out just what those treasures are worth from 12-4 today, Saturday, at Ken's. More here.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pluck o' the Irish: Lorcan the Magnificent!

So I am magnanimous enough to give some real estate to other pups—once in a while. This guy is a special one, imported straight from Ireland, just in time for St. Patrick's Day. And does he know how to mug for the camera! Take a peek at his antics.

Dictionary time: what's the difference between magnanimous and generous?

Well, magnanimous is from the Latin meaning "great soul," so that fits moi, of course, and it has to do with feeling generous toward someone or something lesser than oneself. Now, Lorcan is lesser, but only because he's small. I'm sure he has a great soul, too. Generous means giving something more than is usually expected. I would be generous if I agreed to go for an afternoon walk and not insist on going in the car; magnanimous if I agreed to share that car with Lorcan.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The bones of a good story...

Ah, the bounty of a snowless winter! Chicken bones. Spareribs. Hot dogs. And once, the grand prize—juicy remnants of beef tenderloin, snagged from behind a top restaurant. Quite a different scenario from last year, when I dutifully dug in a frozen snowbank for a bagel. This being New England, it wasn't even that good.

So when Mom presented me with a bona fide bone that I didn't have to scrounge for myself, I was mystified. It was kind of like being at a fancy dinner and having more tableware than usual. Just what does one do with that fourth fork?

Turns out that Mom's generosity had something to do with teeth cleaning. Not happy with the toothbrush results, she tried the old-fashioned thing, and my canines are gleaming. Kind of like whitening strips, but for dogs. Except much, much tastier.