Sunday, January 15, 2012

And in the best actor category, canine, that is...

One of BB Simon's crystal-encrusted leather collars.
I could rock that look.
Let's be practical: just what would I do with a globe, golden or otherwise? Plus, the only films I've ever starred in are those shaky old home videos. (Anyone interested in Hex Bug Horror, starring moi?) I mean, if the Blair Witch Project worked out, well...

Anyway, The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop on the Golden Collar Awards, to be designed by BB Simon of Newport Beach and given out next month by Dog News Daily. The categories:

  • Best Dog in a Theatrical Film 
  • Best Dog in a Foreign Film 
  • Best Dog in a Direct-to-DVD Film
  • Best Dog in a Reality Television Series 
  • Best Dog in a Television Series  
 Check out THR's Oscar Dog Showdown photo gallery for more scoop. Or, better, yet, Hex Bug Horror.
Nominees will be announced Wednesday. Look for a surprise entry.