Thursday, March 1, 2012

Shall we dance?

Lucy and I hanging at the Wellesley College Club
Canines and Cocktails event last summer.
Maybe this year the club will include dancing.
My pal Lucy is recovering from back surgery, and rather nicely, too. I spotted her doing her dance routine this week, and were there a canine Dancing with the Stars, she'd be all set—wait, of course there is!

Canine freestyle, it's called, and were it truly freestyle, I'd be superb. I'm smart, agile and have the legs for it. If you remember my Dancing with Hexbugs video (I think I called it Hex Bug Horror, but why not create a positive spin?), I've got an awesome tap number. Following instructions, however, is not really my thing, and with humans and their rules and all, I'd make a lousy partner for Lucy.