Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hoarsing around at Christmastime, and a New Year's resolution

I came home from my vacation with a frog in my throat (well, there could be, but I like the frogs in our pond). Because I spent my time off yipping around with a pack of other big guys, this frog has laryngitis. Believe me, I cannot even speak. (A blessing, says Grandma.)

I'm practically disappearing!
Even though I enjoyed myself, I really was too busy to eat anything. You might remember that pre-vaca, I had worked myself into a positively svelte shape. Now, however, I've lost even more poundage. While all of you will be making fruitless New Year's resolutions to get into shape, I, characteristically, will do the opposite. My resolution: get out of fighting trim and back into couch potato mode. Anyone care to join me? Condition: I get the couch, you get the floor.