Monday, June 25, 2012

Lost and found pets and other creatures, wet and wild

Missing: Big green frog. Last seen 6/23.
Known him since he was a tadpole.
Reunited: Jelly the cat with her Natick family. Hooray!

Wandering: Moose near Reeds Pond in Wellesley, 6/25. Wellesley PD sent out an alert with the simple subject line "Moose." At around 3 p.m. a cruiser was blocking Lexington Road at Worcester Street, or perhaps just waiting to give the moose a lift home.

Missing: Frog from Morses Puddle. I miss our daily colloquies as I slurped from our little pond. Always faithful, never frightened, he seems to have become annoyed at Mom's rearranging of his habitat. If he comes back, I promise: no more redecorating! He can have those pond stones arranged however he wants.

Unclassifiable: Gigantic duck with sunglasses outside New England Spas on Rte. 9 in Natick. Last sighted, 6/25, 4:30 p.m.