Saturday, June 23, 2012

Help this cat find its home

Please help this cute cat find its home.
It's not enough to house one domestic bunny (large), one baby bunny (small), 35 comet fish (large to medium), and one dog (XL), but now we are caring for a cat as well. While I welcome the newcomer, I am hoping it finds its real home soon. Therefore, dear readers, I need your help.

Here is the story: as I slogged home yesterday, exhausted from the steamy weather, my family and I heard a piteous mewing issuing from some bushes on the Lilja School field. My sister coaxed a small cat to emerge. I stood at a respectful distance.

With no collar and not seeming to be in hunting mode, my family assumed it lost. A call to Natick Animal Control was of no help, no officer being on duty. So my sister carefully carried the kitty home and placed it in my dog crate (the $100 avoidance chamber that is never used). When they took it to The Cat's Hospital in Wellesley, kind and generous Dr. Cosimini determined it had no identifying microchip.

However, this kitty appears to be in good health and seems to be a house cat. If you have any info on whose she might be, please let me know at dreamsdudog AT yahoo DOT com.