Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tucker to the rescue on a wonderful Wellesley weekend

Except for the fireworks capping off Wellesley's Wonderful Weekend, which went off as planned and forced me to seek shelter in the cavernous regions of my sister's closet, the weekend was glorious. Among my escapades:

  1. Helped round up my neighbor Ellie, a fetching Portuguese Water Dog. She wasn't missing, but wouldn't come in–for hours. Ironically, this same behavior earned me probation at a certain dog hotel. In this case, however, I was the bait. Ellie came to the fence to greet me. Wild-eyed at my traitorous behavior, she was dragged inside by her mother.
  2. Hopped in a 2009 Volvo wagon, and it was quite a hop. Fortunately, I'm nimble. But I nearly bumped my noble head—the headroom is a full two inches shorter than in old Bessie. Given that I've only an inch to spare in the Bessie mobile, this presents a problem. My test drive was courtesy of Robert at Wellesley Volvo, who earlier in the day had offered to stop by my domicile and pick me up. I adore being driven around, and it seems like Robert gets the idea.
  3. Had a splendid spring walk around Lake Waban, the cannon from the 18th century encampment booming in the background.
  4. Tried to hop into my sister's kayak, the sit on top kind, while Mom was in it. Together, not only would we have exceeded the weight limit of this ordinarily seaworthy craft, we would also have had occasion for a lovely swim in Morses Pond. Well, why not?
  5. Missed the annual dog contest, again, out of modesty. It would be too embarrassing to win every category.
  6. Chased a baby bunny. Helped Mom dig in the garden. Slept in the sun. Spring!
A baby bunny has taken up residence under the playhouse.