Monday, May 28, 2012

A memorable Memorial Day

The weekend began with a bang—literally, as I crashed into the back door at about 6:30 Saturday a.m. I'll never be qualified to protect my country, but I certainly know how to protect my property and its occupants, inside and out.

Our fish were under attack from a marauding cat, and it fell to me to respond.

Finding the glass door to the garden closed did not deter me. I proceeded to bay in alarm, waking up everyone within at least a quarter of a mile. Mom skidded downstairs, opened the door (it was locked, or I could have opened it myself) and out I tore. Said cat escaped through a hole in the fence behind the bunny cage, while I sustained a battle injury from twisting my considerable bulk in the small space betwixt cage and fence.

As I rested on my cat-free lawn and baked in the sun, I observed several moments of silence as I reflected, as one should, on the sacrifices that have made our country great. I am humbled and grateful.