Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl dog commercials: to VW go the spoils!

I'm not much of a football fan once Boston College finishes its season (this year a tough one for the Eagles) but I belly up to the TV for Super Bowl commercials.

This year—and I'm writing at the half, because I can't lose too much sleep over vapid talking baby spots, violent action movie trailers and all the other predictable ads that make one's eyes glaze over—I was pleased to see a significant number of commercials with canine stars.

My favorite so far? The VW Beetle ad, in which an overweight golden slims down through a tough regimen of pool swimming, running, and stair work, and then glides through the air, a trimmer, stylish creature, much like the car. Mom's first car was a yellow Beetle, the original kind, so perhaps I'm partial. Or perhaps it's because I've had my own weight issues.

Speaking of, I weighed in at a record low of 84.4 lbs at the vet's last week.

Wait til next year: my distinctive voice will join this choir.
Just peeked to see what else will air (see all the videos here) and loved the dogs barking to the Darth Vader theme. Halloween costume idea! Note to VW: a foxhound bay could somehow be written in, and I know just the guy for the job.

I appreciated the stately Dalmatian on the Budweiser wagon, although the faux motion picture treatment was bland; I was almost there with the Doritos' Great Dane, but found the ending too pat; and sorry, but greyhound racing is so not OK, Skechers. Plus, pugs are so several years ago. As for the Suzuki ads, you how I feel about huskies.