Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm on WBUR!

OK, so I didn't write the winning essay for RadioBoston's and The Drum Literary Magazine's Zip-Code Stories (Mom did) but I do have a significant presence in the actual essay and in the interview that aired this afternoon on WBUR. Let's just say Mom should be ashamed that she leaves me behind when she goes ice skating on Morses Pond (MoPo to us insiders). At least I was quoted high up in the piece. Plus she threw in a plug for my blog.

After all, one could hardly discuss 02482 without mentioning moi.  I'm quite the celeb and expect concomitant treatment. For example, I shove my way right into the offices at Wellesley Books and my nose right into the copious dog biscuit bins, and they still let me in. I could argue that I help sell dog books, as today I planted myself right in front of the excellent display, conveniently located within reach of the treat bin.

Concomitant. There's a word you don't run across every day. Therefore, I shall provide the definition: as an adjective, naturally accompanying or associated with. But I like the noun form: a phenomenon that naturally follows or is associated with something. That's me: a phenomenon, and I certainly and naturally accompany Mom wherever (almost) she goes.

Have a listen here.  Unfortunately, a recording of my resounding bays would have blown out the mikes, so one must imagine them instead.