Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wave a bright orange flag with HunterGuard

Scientists say that exercise helps squeeze the creative juices, and so it was that I had Brilliant Brainstorm #237 today after my woods tromp.

We smell (well, some of us do) and see lots of deer in the town forest, so we're familiar with the flags of their tails. So I got a bit spooked when I learned that a hunter mistook a woman and her dog for a deer, with disastrous results. I checked out my tail. It's long. It's white. And I hold it proudly high in the air. (Though, let's face it, not as high as a deer does. I mean, I'm tall, but...)

Mom wore her orange cap today, and later we ran into my friend's human, also sporting an orange hat, and I thought about my tail. I also thought about the snug knitted scarf that hugs a tree in my backyard, the result of my sister's yarn-bombing. Have you heard of this phenomenon? There's nothing violent about it; in fact, it's rather cozy.

A knitted cozy for a hemlock.
Here's the basic idea: knitted tail cozy.

Being fitted. Believe me, it took two...and more.

So here's my idea: cozies for dog tails, made up in hunting orange! They could be knitted, they could be fleece, they could be adjustable, etc. I'd call them HunterGuard. They keep you safe, warm, and make a fashion statement, all at the same time. But wait, there's more...
The finished product would 1. Be finished and
2. Not consist of Mom's cashmere scarf.