Monday, August 15, 2011

Nominate moi for Most Valuable Blogger!

Nominate me for Boston's Most Valuable Blogger,
lifestyle/family category!
Check it out at
OK, I might not be actually the most valuable, money or info-wise, but I certainly am entertaining!
Top reasons to vote for me:
1. I'm talented enough to write my own material.
2. I have tons of story ideas.
3. I am dedicated. 200 posts in two years.
4. My posts are educational. For example, my most popular posts have been Attention please: Can dogs eat edamame? (180 pageviews); Recalcitrant, obstinate, stubborn: defined (155 pageviews); and Carb loading: it's a good thing (145 pageviews).
5. My posts sometimes have a tinge of reader-satisfying gossip. Or readers wish they had. One of the most common searches that lands people on my blog is "p. allen smith personal life." For those of you who don't know, P. Allen Smith is the Southern garden design counterpart to Martha Stewart. And because he and I both are Southern gentlemen, I wouldn't dream of speculating.
6. I take faithful readers on a dizzying tour of how not to train your dog. Many people seem to find this information useful.
7. I am a poster pup, practically, for why it would be an excellent idea to adopt a hound. I'm fun, learned, and very, very handsome. Check out for more reasons.
8. I have reviewed several pet hotels and therefore am a font of info on where to place your pup when you decided to abandon him or her for vacation. Better yet, take your pup with you!
9. Readers gain an inside view into the keen mind, determined will, and goofy personality that is mine.
10. I am very, very handsome. Have I mentioned that already?

Nominate me at: but hurry--today's the last day!