Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I made the cut! Now, vote me Boston's MVB—most valuable blogger!

You'll put even more spring in my step if you vote for me!
Thrilled to see my blog on the list of finalists for CBS Boston's most valuable blogger. See my earlier post for the many, many reasons I consider myself tops. Voting's easy—just click on my badge or right here, and scroll down until you find Dreams du Dog.  Click, and voila! you're done. It's easy as ABC, and alphabetical, too.

You even can vote every day if you like, until Sept. 9. Most votes wins, plus there's an editor's choice winner, so I'm rooting for both.

Many thanks, and whoever votes the most for me, wins, too—my voice baying on your voice mail. That will keep the telemarketers away! Now, what could be more valuable than that?