Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rep. Peisch promotes patriotic right in time for Fourth

While the balloons still are going strong, I thought we were done with all the Wellesley High graduation hoopla and the plethora of encomia that my sister earned with her years of hard work. That work meant significant sacrifices on the part of moi, who suffered from loneliness while she toiled.

But not so. Our very own state representative, Alice Hanlon Peisch, also wrote, not only to congratulate my sister on her graduation, but to remind her of one more rite of passage. Rep. Peisch's kind note, which she personalized with a handwritten message noting a theatre award won by sis, included a voter registration card.

A snappy idea, nicely done, and a perfect prelude to the Fourth of July. Now, if only dogs could have the right to vote, I'd propose that all drinking fountains be outfitted for dogs as well as humans. If they have them at the Jersey Shore (and they do) can't we have some in Wellesley? Rep. Peisch, can you do anything about that?

Fitting that suffrage, though a Middle English word for intercessory prayers, was first used to denote the right to vote in the dear old US of A.