Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More goodbyes--and hello, John W. Schaum!

I made a special trip to say goodbye to dear Kiki.
Last week my dear friend Kiki left for Florida. I fear I'll never see her again, me not good with flying and Mom not good with long car rides. It was Kiki who Mom rescued from a Lake Waban goose chase and Kiki with whom I took long walks during gorgeous fall days.

We were kind of a "Lady and the Tramp" pair, even though of course my lineage is just as good as hers. I'm certainly quite as good-looking; however, my manners can be a bit rough. I shall miss her companionship, and her tolerance of moi, greatly.

Kiki's family gave us many parting gifts, including a piano. I do not like the bass notes at all, as they remind me a bit too much of the crazy fireworks that went on and on and on, somewhere, last night. Fortunately my sister's closet is well-equipped with a sleeping bag on which I tried to take some measure of comfort.

So I made myself scarce when Mom opened up her old John W. Schaum Piano Course book, Pre-A, The Green Book. It's been 40 years since she last played, so I agree that it certainly is best to begin at the beginning. She tried to tempt me out from the far corner of the upstairs closet with that old favorite, "Bone Sweet Bone," but as you know, I cannot be bribed.