Thursday, April 22, 2010

The meaning of life

My morning constitutional having provided me with the opportunity to both rest and activate my mind, I pondered some of life’s essential questions:

  1. Why did my neighbor name his dog Buck? “So that I will never be broke,” he told me. “I’ll always have a Buck.”
            Mom and I took several moments to process this gem, it being a tad early.

  1. Why did the chicken cross the road, or more specifically, why did the turkey cross the bridge? I do not know, but that is what was going on this morning in the Hunnewell Woods. Do these creatures not wade? Fly? Or do they simply prefer the charm of a rickety bridge across a marshy brook?  Whatever the real answer, if there is one, it was quite the picturesque scene.

  2. Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, or in this case, a spring green one. Which did I choose?           
    A. The longest; B. The most difficult;  C. All of them.