Monday, April 19, 2010

Boston Marathon madness 2010

Headed to the Marathon route today to give shout-outs to my running pals: John Delaney (3:20:48), Bob Brunner (3:49:38) and Matt Mitchell (3:45:23). Way to go! Though I swiveled my head back and forth, back and forth, and let out the requisite loud bays, startling a few onlookers, I couldn’t find them. I did see: Minnie Mouse, an angel, a guy with a neon pink buzz cut and matching singlet, my neighbor’s part-foxhound pup Maisie, and some very, very hardworking people.

We hung out by the Entering Wellesley sign, which we do every year. It’s not the most comfortable, but it’s the closest, and I’m nothing if not a creature of habit. The more stubborn the habit, the better, say I.

Knew enough to keep my mouth shut when the elite leaders zipped by. You can see that I wanted to take on Robert Cheruiyot, but realizing I might knock him and everyone else over, I tamped down the impulse. Good thing, since that speedy guy set a course record!  Dad, having run Boston five times, looked like he was ready to jump in, too.

Mom always becomes teary-eyed at the marathon.  I too was a bit overwhelmed, mostly by all the dropped popcorn and hamburger buns. Nothing like a holiday for free food! I’ll just have to run it off…later.