Sunday, November 30, 2014

Close look at Flutie bobblehead: does it do the man justice?

I thoroughly inspected the Doug Flutie bobblehead for accuracy.
With Dad clearly claiming the title as Boston College's most fervent fan, especially when it comes to his twin loves of academics and football, nothing was going to stop him from being at BC's last game of the season.

Did he want to be present to watch the Eagles avenge last year's yucky loss to Syracuse?

Without a doubt.

Would he ever miss an Eagles game, in person or on the screen?


So this game celebrating the 30th year of the most famous play in football was one that, no doubt, would find Dad in section X, row 19, seat number one. Not only that, but season ticket holders who attended every home game would receive—drumroll—a Doug Flutie bobblehead!

Dad decamped early for Alumni Stadium, wearing the requisite maroon and gold. He eagerly opened the box containing the precious objet d'art,


I've seen that Hail Mary pass more times than I can count, and let me tell you, this bobblehead could use a serious makeover.

Poor #22 has been modeled as if he's in an adult league. There's not a trace of the fresh-faced twenty-something who made football history and picked up a Heisman, too. Crow's feet? Really? As a hound who's getting up there in dog years, I'm more than a little sensitive to ageism. Plus, it simply looks nothing like him.

Even #1 fan Dad had to agree that the sculptor missed his mark. After all, Dad's the one who recognized Flutie as he sprinted along Commonwealth Avenue in front of BC in this year's Boston Marathon. He's the one who once played basketball with the Flutester. He's the one who proudly wears his Flutie Flakes hat. Displays the Eagles flag. Plants the front walk in maroon and gold (no, that's Mom).

No matter. This Flutie representation will grace the family's mantel for each and every Eagles football game from now on. And thanks, Doug. Dad really loved watching you play.

Go Eagles!