Saturday, November 30, 2013

My award-winning dream date, and other impossibilities

Jewel sure is precious.
No, that wasn't me strutting my stuff you saw on the Today show this week. While certainly plenty of people have told me I'm just as striking, the National Dog Show champion actually is my dream girl, formally known as Grand Champion Kiarry's Pandora's Box. When she's off the judges' stand, she's known as Jewel.

I first set my sights on Miss Jewel earlier this year when she won best of the hound group at Westminster, and I wasn't at all surprised when she took top honors at the Philadelphia show.  She's the winningest American Foxhound ever!

Pandora's justifiably proud of her heritage, which I happen to share, in some roundabout way. But I'm more the country cousin to her classy upbringing.

Sort of like Lady and the Tramp, or maybe even Mom and Dad. Remember when Lady says of Tramp, "he's not really handsome...but I love him just the same?"

Well, I'm plenty handsome. And if I ever get the chance, just maybe—as hope was the only thing left when Pandora opened that forbidden box—Miss Jewel would think I'm a bit of a gem, too.