Monday, April 23, 2012

If I built a car...

My sister did an amazing parking job even with my bulky
self hogging the rear view. After snagging an ice cream cone
at JP Licks, I loomed larger, if that's possible.

Here's the challenge I'm posing to the Car Talk guys: what kind of car would suit a passenger who's relegated to riding in the way back, weighs in at about 90 lbs., measures 30 inches high, 51 inches wide (nose to rear, not including a 20-inch tail), without entirely blocking the rear view?

I pretty much fill up the window of my vehicle of choice now, a sturdy Volvo V70 2000 wagon that's boxy as all get out. My favorite mechanics, Doug and Dominic at Neighborhood Wrench in Natick, just love that car, and so do I.

However, there's one little, $450 problem: The tailgate won't latch properly, and Mom fears that somewhere, somehow, like maybe bumping over that crazy moonscape of holes called our street, that hatch will pop open and I'll leap out to freedom and fun. Meanwhile, Dad's been trying to put Mom into some lesser make of car (cough, Subaru, cough) while he tools around in his own speedy Swedish sedan, claiming he wants her to get better gas mileage.

Ever read If I Built a Car, by Chris Van Dusen? In it, a boy imagines the perfect car design—a swimming pool, snack bar, and jet engine are just some of his ideal features. The book has terrific retro illustrations, and, of course, a super looking hound.

I say, ditch the rear view camera and GPS (I've got a nose, don't I?), and pack this buggy with some real style:
  • Everlasting treat bar
  • Perpetual puddle water fountain
  • Tempur-Pedic memory foam lounge chairs (super idea, and as usual, you read it here first)
  • Way back sunroof
  • Dirt pile
  • Several cubic feet of bone storage
  • Unimpeded access to front seat
  • Automatic awning extender for dry entry/exits during rain events
So, what's the perfect car, Click & Clack? I need a recommendation, and pronto. It's time to hit the road.