Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tucker the famous, indeed!

"Is this the famous Tucker?" a human asked this morning as we prepared for our morning walk at Lake Waban. "Infamous," muttered Mom under her breath, but I heard her anyway. After all, my ears are plenty big.

Taking a walk with my dedicated dad.
Turns out, the human belonged to my old pal, Moose! I first met Moose when he was a baby, and he's certainly grown. While of course not as large as moi, his head is big, and a bit out of proportion to his rather slender body.

Funny, what Moose's human remembered about me was that when we first met, I let out a hugely loud bay clear across Lilja field, then dashed over to meet the new pup. Apparently I made an indelible impression.

While I'm crazy about little dogs (played with a 2.5 lb-er—yep, just two and a half pounds!—just last week) I'm always amazed that their owners let them play with me.

But maybe that's because I am so famous.