Friday, April 1, 2011

April foolin' around

The picture of sincerity.
So, I knew it was snowing, which is why I slept in rather than bombing around the house and whooo-hooing for Dad to take me for a walk.

Then I had an idea. How about I give it the old whoo-hoo, make Dad put on all his winter gear, etc., etc., and then balk at the last moment?

It worked. I April Fooled Dad into thinking I would actually go out even though it was raining, snowing and ka-thunking giant gobs o' ice and snow down around our Swellesley home.

Which leads me to a poem.

Hubbubility, or How I Rule the Roost
by Tucker

I thought Mom the one most gullible,
And Dad the most untroubleble.
But when I've got the itch
To pull a bait and switch,
They're a cinch to make hubbubable.