Thursday, March 3, 2011

My purpose driven life

Does everyone have a purpose in life? Is each unique? As everything I do is purposeful, I'll focus on just one of my many purposes today: identifying Volvo vehicles. That is, C-A-Rs, as my family insists on calling them, as if I didn't know how to spell.

The question is not what is my purpose. The question is: what is the need for my purpose? I wish more would consider this question as they purposely go around doing whatever they seem to need to be doing.

I, however, believe I have uncovered potential needs. For example, were the police looking for a Volvo vehicle, and somehow could not find one, I could. Or, if some mall shopper somehow misplaced his or her Volvo vehicle, I could easily sniff it out from a whole parking lot full of various makes and models. I can even identify particular models, and certainly can tell which ones need servicing. Ah, there's another need!

My methods are proprietary, but here's how a mere human can tell I have identified the right one: I perform a perfect Plop O'Doom right there in the parking lot, or the middle of the road, even in the thick of traffic. "And all he could do was sit, sit, sit, sit," complained Mom to Dad, clearly addled by yesterday's too hearty celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthday.

Though she did not like it, not one little bit, one must not quail in the face of duty.

P.S. What is the difference between purposeful and stubborn? Let me elucidate. Purposeful: having or showing great determination or resolve.  Stubbornness: showing dogged determination, especially when confronted with good reasons to the contrary not to pursue that doggone determined goal. As in, "My stubbornness in refusing to leave the side of a Volvo, though it wasn't ours, this morning in 10 degree weather, came from my having purposefully sought it out and identified it."