Thursday, February 25, 2010

Unplugging: it's healthy!

Ever want your folks to stop working on the computer? Sparky had a great technique: first, he'd stick his nose under the keyboardists' right arm, giving it a gentle upwards bump. He'd leave it alone for a few minutes, then come back and re-bump, this time a little more forcefully. Then, when he was thoroughly annoyed and past ready to go for a walk, he'd bonk the arm so hard it would fly off the keyboard, and continue this behavior until the typist relented out of the sheer impossibility of doing any more work, got out the leash and went for a good long walk.

This gentle yet effective escalation is too subtle for me, the redneck hound. Here's my technique: without any warning at all, I spring from the doorway and launch myself, missile-like, at the typist. Sometimes this results in the typist and chair being knocked over. It sometimes results in bruises on said beloved typist. It always, however, results in me going for a walk. Of course, not if it's raining. But that's my call, too.

It's a bit like my sister's technique of screaming, "Mommy, stop working!" while Mom, on the phone, was trying to work from home. Brutal, yet so effective.